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All DOLBUY products — from paper towels and Tablecloths and Napkins and everything else to Tableware such as Dinnerware set and products for events.

Dolbuy products are non-toxic, created from renewable or recycled content, and designed to biodegrade in a home or industrial compost.

The perfect table! We take care of and bring for you the tools, accessories and accompanying elements for any event, joy and holiday.

From the preparation stages to the perfect serving. Molds, storage vessels, chocolate molds, various packaging products, cutters, centers and knives for creating food in a decorative and designed way, easily and quickly.

The main thing – the combination of products in perfect editing!  

And thinking about all the details … tablecloths, runners  and hugs of all kinds, cups of all kinds, bowls and trays for central serving, spoons, forks and tongs.

All the things you never thought of … and most importantly!
Stop the imagination!

Browse the site, we thought of you in flight and creativity, and we have prepared for you a spectacular display in which you will surely find yourself suitable: in design, budgeting and color that will make the event for you in an amazing atmosphere


The motto that guides us is quality products and personal service to our customers from the stage of ordering the product until it is received.
Our clear advantage is that even if you have not found any product on our site, you can get help from us and the professional team who will take care of finding and providing you with answers and prices accordingly.

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