Dropshipping program

Why join our Dropshipping Program?

  • You don’t have to buy or store inventory
  • Hot-Sale Items Recommended, Only for Dropshippers
  • Easily Add or Change Up your product offerings
  • Dropship Special Price Activity, Only for Dropshippers
  • Get professional customer service
  • Free Data Feed for Product Description and Images without Logo
  • Priority Direct Mail for ALL dropshipping orders without Paying Extra Fee If Available
  • Enjoy Extra Discount
  • Overseas warehouse provided, no worry for shipping.
  • Enjoy Discount for Every order.

When you sign up as a beginning dropshipper you will receive a 2% discount coupon
Once you have 50 orders with us, you will receive Coupon 8% fixed discount.
Once you have 100 orders you will receive Coupon 12% discount
Over 250 orders you receive Coupon 15% fixed discount

How do I join your Dropshipping Program?

  • Simply register an account on our website.
  • Then contact us through contact us.
  • Once it is approved, we will mark your account as dropshipper.


You can monitor prices and availability of products in your Watch list and get notify you of any changes.

Use the WatchIt monitor
Click on the image



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